Outsourcing doesn't have to be difficult!

We're not your average outsource company!

Through our beginning as an Australian digital agency, we went through our fair share of challenges when it came to finding reliable digital outsourcing solutions. We found that most popular outsourcing platforms just couldn’t deliver consistently reliable staff.

After consulting for an outsourcing company in the Philippines, we noticed that the exceptionally skilled staff we were looking for were only a few hours time difference away. So we built our own team of superstar developers and digital guns. And, that’s how Outsource.Digital was born.

The pro's & cons of outsourcing?

We’ve been outsourcing since Upwork was Odesk, and Freelancer.com hadn't been born yet!

The Benefits Of Outsourcing

Up To 75% Less Cost Than Local Staff Hire

  • - Up to 75% cost savings on local staff
  • - Less funding needed for Start-ups
  • - Grow your business quicker
  • - Faster app development
  • - More staff for less cost
  • - Office space & equipment cost savings
  • - Shared knowledge in the same office
  • - Less hassle on staff overheads

The Challenges Of Outsourcing

Trust, Management & Productivity

  • - What about my security & data?
  • - How do I communicate effectively?
  • - What about the time differences?
  • - What if someone leaves mid-project?
  • - What if they're poor developers?
  • - How do I know what they're working on?
  • - What if they just don't get it?
  • - What if it's too hard to manage them?

Overcoming The Challenges

Feedback, Optimise & Automate

  • - We have bank safe security
  • - Australian managers & consultants
  • - Our staff work the same hours as you
  • - We use the latest technologies
  • - Rigorous recruitment process
  • - We treat our staff exceptionally well
  • - We only hire the best staff
  • - Easy management with our app

Retention? How much are you really spending?

We all know how frustrating it can be losing a team member and their knowledge mid-project. The true cost of staff turnover is unknown, however a recent study by Deloitte found that average costs to replace a highly educated senior employee is as much as 213%.

The value of not only finding, but retaining high quality, motivated and exceptional staff is paramount for any company, which is what we aim to provide for our clients.

The average cost of replacing staff is:


16% of annual salary for high-turnover, low-paying Jobs;


80% of annual salary for midrange positions


213% of annual salary for highly educated senior positions.

One thing an exceptional employee never says is, 'That's not in my job description.' Exceptional employees work outside the boundaries of job descriptions.

Why we're awesome!

We’ve seen the ups and downs of outsourcing digital services and it's our goal to make outsourcing easy, safe and super productive.

Our Communication

We only hire senior staff who are completely fluent English speakers to ensure that nothing hinders communication with our clients. We also use a combination of platforms that ensure an open line of communication with your staff, even while you’re on the road.

  • Australian based client manager
  • Digital Consultant within Australia
  • Confident, articulate & perfect English
  • Slack, Stride, Hipchat, Skype apps

The Philippines Time Advantage

We have a 2-3 hour time difference, however our superstars like to come in early to beat the traffic. This means they can start the same time as our Aussie counterparts. We like to be super-flexible so we can work around your time.

  • 2-3 hours time difference
  • Start when you want us to start
  • Manage your staff's time in our App
  • Staff 24/7 if required

Our Pricing Model

We believe in being fully transparent with our pricing, so there's no hidden surprises. Unlike other companies who charge complicated overtime rates and make you pay for staff training and holidays, we charge only for the hours contracted. No more no less.

  • Pay for the exact contracted hours
  • Roll over/under hours - no scary bills
  • Training & holidays on OUR time
  • Manage your financials, live on our App

Our Shared Knowledge

The beauty about having such a close-knit team and highly-skilled group of developers is that there's never a shortage of helping hands when needed. We foster an environment where we reward helping each other when it’s needed. After all, we’re in this together.

  • We hire the best of the best
  • Founded from an Aussie digital agency
  • Massive range of developer knowledge
  • Use our infrastructure. AWS + JIRA

Our Management Platform

To allow our clients greater control, automation/management of their staff, and digital economy, we've built our own App that keeps all your digital in one place. Check out a demo here.

  • Know where your staff are, at all times
  • Manage your contracts & financials
  • View your JIRA projects & staff tasks
  • Approve holidays, leave & overtime

Our Systems & Security

Our CEO’s previous experience with integrating cloud platforms for banking systems in Australia means you can rest-assured that we understand security, and the importance of protecting your data.

  • AWS bank-safe infrastructure
  • Your data never leaves Australia
  • Password management systems
  • Super secure computers. Ask us!

Who do you need in your team?

Exceptional and talented, high performing developers!


DevOps & Managers


Full Stack Developers


Front-End Developers


JS, Node, Vue & React

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