Efficiency and optimisation is at our core

We Love People. We Love Technology.

Our goal from our inception has been to make overseas staff hire a workable and pain-free process. We wanted to be able to have our clients manage their staff seamlessly and as easily as if they were sitting at the same desk.

From the initial recruitment of staff to approving holidays and tracking lunch breaks, every part of our process has been thought about and optimised to ensure we have happy clients, happy staff, and ultimately a company we can all be proud of.

Building Your First Team

Our aim is to make the recruitment and management experience streamlined, simple and seamless.

  • Step 1

    Initial Discovery Engagement

    • Create an account on our app
    • Play around with our demo first
    • When you’re ready, push “Go Live”
    • We'll chat through your project & help define your employee skills & experience for recruitment
  • Step 2

    Hiring Your Team

    • Start with your lead team member first
    • Initiate recruitment request on our App
    • Pay a small refundable recruitment fee
    • Watch, vet, set up interviews and manage your candidates on our App
  • Step 3

    Your First Team Member

    • Confirm suitable candidate
    • Pay 1 month security deposit
    • We offer candidate an employee contract
    • If candidate accepts pay first month fees on candidate start date.
  • Step 4

    Getting Your Project Moving

    • We all work together for the first month
    • We assist setting up systems & processes
    • We monitor your new staff & and project
    • Your team lead will work with you to build your next superstar team member

One thing an exceptional employee never says is, 'That's not in my job description.' Exceptional employees work outside the boundaries of job descriptions.

Our Simple, Scalable, Team Services

Our Core Team Service

Our aim is to keep our staff offering simple and our pricing transparent while still allowing our clients the ability to scale their team up when the deadlines approach and the pressure is on.

*Example Team Pricing Only. Rates will vary on a per developer/team basis. All prices shown are in Australian Dollars.

Core Team

Team Lead / Dev-Ops

$26 / hr

  • Senior Manager Position
  • 5-10 years experience
  • 160 Hours Month
  • 6-12 Month Contract
  • Billed Monthly In Advance

Back-end Developer

$22 / hr

  • Senior Position
  • 4-7 years experience
  • 160 Hours Month
  • 6-12 Month Contract
  • Billed Monthly In Advance

Front-end Developer

$18 / hr

  • Senior Position
  • 4-6 years experience
  • 160 Hours Month
  • 6-12 Month Contract
  • Billed Monthly In Advance

Project Manager / Overlord

$40 / hr

  • 20 hours / mo
  • 10+ years experience
  • Every team has allocated time from our most senior staff member who overseas all client projects and teams. They are responsible for ensuring the team and client are working to best practices, monitoring and managing the big decisions, milestones, budgets and deadlines of projects. Imagine them as your very own CTO.

Scalable Team Add Ons

Short Term Team

Back-end Developer

$33 / hr

  • 1.5x Core Team rate
  • 80 & 160 hour month options
  • 1-3 month contracts
  • Billed upfront monthly

On Demand Team

Back-end Developer

$44 / hr

  • 2x Core Team rate
  • On per hour basis
  • 1 month contract or hourly when needed
  • Billed upfront monthly or purchased credits


Project Based Service

Discuss / discover, scope of work, time-lines, quote, acceptance.

    Websites | Small Apps | AWS Infrastructure Set-ups | API integrations | Custom Wordpress Plugins

  • Each project will be quoted on a per job basis. Costs are generally split into agreed part payments and an upfront payment will always be required before your paroject would kick off.

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